Author, coach, investor

Michael Konieczny

Michael Konieczny - Owner of several real estates as well as president of a number of capital companies such as MK- Estate LTD. He acquired his real estate wisdom in the USA, next to business icons Donald Trump and John Burley.

With his obtained wisdom and wealth of experience, today Michael shares it amongst others as an author of the innovative investment model Phoenix, which allows for the purchase of real estate without any money down, any credit score or cash contribution.  The author of 5 books including bestsellers “Consciousness is everything” as well as “America Why”.
As a coach, and consultant, he provides rare knowledge both in the area of investing in real estate and self-transendence. He works for the ordinary and the extraordinary people. He controversially bombards you, forcing you to an honest reflection. Michael inspires people to make the right decisions, to act proactively and take responsibility of your life.

Michael Konieczny is a visionary and a pioneer of unique and unusual possibilities on the real estate market.

"I invite to a world of free people, where in the end the only thing that matters is self-fulfillment through proactive actions, which in turn create a positive effect on the changes within the social economic system."

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The purchase of a real estate property with a long-term tenant

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Commercial investing in the USA

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Alternative investing methods- Model Phoenix

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Retirement program


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